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 Wade debated ending season

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帖子主题: Wade debated ending season   Wade debated ending season Empty周六 二月 16, 2008 10:15 pm

But that was before the Heat traded for forward Shawn Marion last week. Marion has provided the Heat hope for a resurgence, and he has energized Wade to the point where the All-Star guard no longer is thinking of sitting out and is "really excited about the future of Miami."

"At first I didn't know what the vision was," Wade said Friday during the buildup to Sunday's All-Star Game. "Now I know we are looking to build to the future. I'm at peace with where we are going.

Wade said he's encouraged the Heat is looking to improve immediately. He said it is setting up as a "big summer" for the Heat as Pat Riley seeks to reshape the roster from one made for O'Neal's power game to a perimeter-oriented offense built around Wade.

Wade said Marion is "someone I can see myself playing with for years to come," citing Marion's scoring, rebounding, consistency and energy as well as his effort to improve team morale. Marion has indicated he isn't seeking to opt out of a deal that will pay him $17.8 million for one additional season.

Wade hails Marion
Miami star Dwyane Wade said there is "a moment of the silence" in the Heat locker room each time highlights of Miami's title season two years ago come up. As the league's worst team, the players had been reserved in Miami until Shawn Marion showed up in a trade from Phoenix.

"Besides what he's done on the court so far as rebounding the ball, scoring the ball and really bringing energy," Wade said. "Shawn is a good leader off the court. He's the guy who's come in and has been trying to bring the team together as a team, something as simple as what they do in Phoenix is everybody slaps fives. When you come off the court, give me five. Just bring that unity. He's really been adamant about that. As the leader of the team, I'm with him."
(我们的传统TAT……high five……)

今天看见net的老板说一直寻求把kidd交易给有希望夺冠的球队的时候很难过,我们的小马 Crying or Very sad

但是听wade说起小马时心里又挺感动。这么多年了,很少听到有哪个人是因为小马的存在而信心百倍的。小马他都把阳光带给了miami Wade debated ending season 66493 今年是没希望了,但是明年miami一定要爆发呀TAT……交易来几个好用的人……TAT
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帖子主题: 回复: Wade debated ending season   Wade debated ending season Empty周日 二月 17, 2008 1:45 pm

不要欺负我们小马老实……T-T小马不要在热队把夺冠之心给磨掉就好……等下赛季也许会好的……我们支持乃 Wade debated ending season 98998
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Wade debated ending season

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