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 Marion's lifestyle is anything but routine (翻译完毕~XD)



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Marion's lifestyle is anything but routine (翻译完毕~XD) Empty
帖子主题: Marion's lifestyle is anything but routine (翻译完毕~XD)   Marion's lifestyle is anything but routine (翻译完毕~XD) Empty周一 三月 03, 2008 12:47 am

It is not just that Shawn Marion can return to the air like a rubber ball off the hardwood.

It is that he would rather be watching a cartoon right now.

It is not just that he can guard post players with a small forward's body or shoot accurately with an awkward flick of his wrist.

It is that he gave $1 million to charity in 2002, likes Hamburger Helper and plays with remote-control cars.

Marion does not let anyone tell him what to be. He plays basketball and lives life by feel. His talent is unique as his personality.

Shawn Marion不只是在球场上面可以像一个橡皮球一样弹到空中;





The Suns went as Marion did in Round 1, starting slowly and finishing strongly to dispatch the Los Angeles Lakers. Marion averaged 18.1 points and 9.4 rebounds against the Lakers, with no board in his life bigger than the offensive rebound he grabbed to set up Tim Thomas' series-saving, game-tying shot at the end of regulation in Game 6. With long-armed lefty Lamar Odom in his rearview mirror, Marion has another sizable task starting tonight in the second round against the Los Angeles Clippers. He must cover All-Star power forward Elton Brand.

在季后赛第一轮的比赛里面,太阳队和Marion一样,开始有些低靡,但是最后大爆发,淘汰了洛杉矶湖人队。Marion平均得到了18.1分和9.4个篮板,其中包括一个可能是他的职业生涯里面最重要的一个前场篮板,正是这个篮板,才成就了Tim Thomas的救命3分,才使得太阳队赢下了至关重要的第六场比赛。当那个手臂超长的左撇子Lamar Odom已经成为过去时之后,在今天开始的第二轮比赛里面,Marion又将迎接新的巨人的挑战,他将要面对的是洛杉矶快船队的全明星大前锋Elton Brand。

Only Marion, Brand, Kevin Garnett, and Yao Ming averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds in the regular season. Only Marion has finished a season twice in the NBA's top five for steals and blocks since steals became an official stat in 1974.

Marion received his first All-NBA due last season as a third-team pick, but this run, with Amaré Stoudemire out, has brought Marion a new level of respect - to an extent.

只有Marion,Brand,Kevin Garneett和姚明,在这个常规赛里面平均拿下20分和10个篮板。但是,只有Marion在同一个赛季里面,同时排名抢断榜和助攻榜的前五名,自从抢断从1974年开始加入技术统计。

Marion在上个赛季里面,第一次进入了整个NBA的第3队阵容,但是这个赛季,因为Amaré Stoudemire的缺席,Marion的表现让他得到了更加广泛的尊重。

"If I'm averaging 20 and 10 and I'm 6-7 and 225, am I just supposed to do that?" Marion said late in the regular season as he lay on a hotel bed playing handheld electronic poker. "How the hell do I not get the same credit as Garnett and Tim Duncan and those guys? I'm 225, barely. Is this just what we've come to expect of Shawn?"

Marion sat up and put the game aside as he continued.

"It's frustrating because I've been doing this since I got here. I've been playing with Jason Kidd, Stephon Marbury and Steve Nash and been able to adjust my game to everyone."

“我只有6尺7寸,225磅,但是我平均拿下20分10个篮板,难道不是因为付出了很大努力,我本来就应该这样吗?”Marion在常规赛快结束的时候,一边躺在旅馆的床上,一边玩电子游戏。“为什么我不能够得到像Garnett和Tim Duncan一样的评价?不要忘了,我只有225磅,是不是我本来就应该如此?”


“这有点让人难过,因为我从到了太阳队之后就一直在不停地做这些。我和Jason Kidd,Stephon Marbury和Steve Nash一起打球,他们每个人的风格都不一样,我只能不断调整自己的打球方式来适应他们。”

Marion considers himself a Most Valuable Player candidate, but only one of 127 voters put him on the top-five ballot. Nash ran away with a repeat honor. It's often argued that the Suns are nothing without Nash and they survive Marion's rare misses (he played in 482 of 492 games in the past six seasons).

But Nash is the team's only true point guard, the only player who can operate the Suns' plan and, by default, is more indispensable than Marion.

Marion, though, presents immense difficulty for opposing defenses. Every rival coach seems to point it out. Nothing Marion does can be duplicated. A scout never watches a college game and jots down "Marion-like" anything.




"He does things you'll never be able to teach anyone to do, and he's good at things that you'd never want anybody to do," said David Griffin, Suns vice president for player personnel. "His shot isn't what you would teach someone, but it's effective. His handle is not what you'd teach someone, but it's effective. You don't teach kids his size how to play the four (power forward), but he's been effective. He's the rarest of athletes."
That formed out of a rare beginning. He and his twin sister were born 28 years ago Sunday to a 14-year-old mother. Elaine Marion raised them with help from her family, bouncing from north Chicago to Arkansas to Tennessee.

“他所做的事情是你根本不会教别人去做的,他所擅长的事情也是你不希望其他球员也做到的。”太阳队的副主席David Griffin说,“他的投篮方式是你不会教别人那么做的,但是却非常有效,他的控球也是如此。你不会让和他身材相仿的孩子们去打4号位(大前锋),但是他却做得非常好,他是运动员里面极其稀有的那一类。”

Marion的特殊从他一出生就开始了,在28年前的一个星期天,他的14岁的母亲Elaine Marion生下了他和他的双胞胎妹妹。Elaine Marion依靠家人的一些帮助抚养他们两个,为了生存从north Chicago到Arkansas到Tennessee来回奔波。

She worked two jobs for a long stretch, starting with a graveyard shift at a medical plastics company before she worked another eight hours cooking at a military base. His father was not involved and was recently released from prison. That is as much as the Marions wish to say about him.


When he lived in the Clarksville, Tenn., projects, Marion was a bored city clown in the country.
Unbeknownst to him, his mother would watch him carry out his only outlet - basketball - beyond those Spectraman, Scooby-Doo and Pirates of the Caribbean cartoons he still watches by ordering them on DVDs.

As an early teen, Marion would walk to the park across the street and jump off old mattresses for dunks. His mom had no idea he would wind up with plenty of spring to do it himself. After all, he got cut from his junior high team.

She was always there in a dual role: best friend and mom.

在田纳西的Clarksville的时候,Marion就像个乡下来的笨小孩。小时候,Marion唯一的户外活动就是打篮球,其他时候,他喜欢看一些卡通片,Spectraman,Scooby-Doo,Pirates of the Caribbean,这些他现在还常常在DVD上面看。


Elaine Marion经常扮演着她的两种角色:最好的朋友和妈妈。

"He always wants to know if Mom is all right," she said, crying through the phone from the Las Vegas house he bought her after being drafted ninth by the Suns out of UNLV in 1999. "Mom is fine."

So is he. He will make almost $49 million over the final three years of his six-year contract. He has homes in the Biltmore area, Chicago, Miami's South Beach and Atlanta. His vehicle fleet includes a Hummer H2, Porsche Cayenne, BMW 760, Mustang GT convertible, Dodge Magnum, 1966 Lincoln and a 1970 Chevelle.

“他经常会问我,妈妈是不是一切都好。”她说,1999年,Marion被太阳队第9位选中之后,他在Las Vegas给他妈妈买了一幢房子,当Marion给Elaine打电话的时候,Elaine忍不住哭了起来,“妈妈很好。”

这就是Marion。他在他的六年合同的最后3年里面可以拿到4900万美元,他现在在Biltmore area,Chicago,Miami's South Beach和Atlanta都有房子,他现在的汽车有Hummer H2,Porsche Cayenne,BMW 760,Mustang GT convertible,Dodge Magnum, 1966 Lincoln 和一辆 1970 Chevelle。

He is a man of routine. Before games, it's chicken pot pies, Yoshi's chicken teriyaki or chicken wings. He cooks crab legs twice a week, gets massages twice a week and buys new movies every Tuesday at Best Buy.

More than anything, he chills at his townhome with his girlfriend of three years, Erika Jones. She is a Hampton finance graduate who left a lucrative career in pharmaceutical sales management in the South to move to Phoenix. She pleasantly endures Marion changing the channel on her from CNN to the Cartoon Network.

Marion同时也是个很普通的人,在比赛前面,他喜欢吃鸡肉派,红烧鸡块或者鸡翅膀。他一个礼拜吃两次螃蟹,一个礼拜按摩两只,每个星期二去Best Buy买新电影看。

更多的时候,他会和他交往了3年的女朋友Erika Jones一起待在家里。她是从Hampton finance毕业的,原来在南方从事不错的药物销售的工作,后来辞职了来到了Phoenix。她和Shawn一起看电视的时候,Shawn会把她的CNN频道换到Cartoon Network,不过她很乐意接受。

She was on a trip to Chicago when they met at his party at the Hard Rock Café. They hung out as friends with others on trips and even went to a Marion family cookout before she became his first steady (unless you count when he asked Janet Jackson for a dance at his 21st birthday party).

He was star-struck then, but now fans are when they meet him.
On the regular season's last trip to Portland, a woman he recognized from other encounters said she drove 27 hours from Phoenix to see him and had pictures of him displayed in her bedroom. He treated her like a long-lost cousin.

"I've never seen him not sign an autograph or take a picture," Jones said.

她有一次去芝加哥旅游,然后在Hard Rock Café的party里面遇到了Shawn,他们像朋友一样,和大家一起出去旅游,然后和Marion的家人一起野餐,之后她成为了Marion第一个女朋友。(除非你把Marion在21岁的生日***上邀请Janet Jackson一起跳舞也算上~XD)



On the court
Marion's run with one team is rare, too. After seven years, the three-time All-Star is headed for Alvan Adams territory - a 13-year career spent entirely in Phoenix and a spot in the Ring of Honor.

Then, he may delve more into his business interests in real estate and fashion design.

For now, he is outwardly driven by winning and motivated by perceived slights against him that give him an edge. They prompt him to push and play harder than most exceptional athletes.

Marion在一支球队上场的时间同样也是罕见的。在7年的职业生涯之后,这位3届全明星已经逼近了Alvan Adams的记录,Alvan Adams的13年职业生涯全部在菲尼克斯度过,并且被选入了太阳队的名人堂。



Asked to match the incomparable with a past player, Mark West, Suns VP for player programs, picked an ex-teammate. It was a "chubby guy we had in '93 who was undersized, played the three (small forward) or the four, dominated a game, rebounded, played defense and put points up."

That said, Marion is not the go-to guy, as Charles Barkley was. He is the must-have guy after a season of career-best averages in points (21.5), rebounds (11.Cool and blocks (1.7).

当被问到将Marion和一个过去的球员相比较的时候,Mark West选择了一个前太阳队的球员,那个93年我们拥有的胖子(Charles Barkley),他同样身材较矮,可以打3号位和4号位,统治整个比赛,防守和进攻都很出色。

但是要说一下,Marion不是那种go-to guy(处理关键球的球员),像Charles Barkley,他是那种must-have guy (不可缺少的球员),在他度过了职业生涯最高的21.5分,11.8篮板和1.7盖帽。

"Guys who are doing what I do are going in and demanding stuff," Marion said. "I'm not doing that. I'm not (a jerk). I want to win. At times, maybe I should be (a jerk) because that's the only way I'm going to get respect. I should be getting more respect at this point of my career. I get more respect from my peers."

Uniquely honest.

“那些能做到我所做的事情的家伙,通常会过分要求。”Marion说,“我不会这么做,因为我不是个混蛋。我想要赢球。但是有的时候,也许我应该去做个混蛋, 因为只有这样我才能得到尊重。我的职业生涯应该得到更多的尊重。”


Marion's lifestyle is anything but routine (翻译完毕~XD) 254801 版主会来翻么><
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Marion's lifestyle is anything but routine (翻译完毕~XD)

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